Wireless STB

What is wireless STB (SET TOP BOX)?

Wireless STB makes our life easy and enable us to see vision of TV more easily because wireless STB is compact in design & having less wire consumption with less space  so we can install anywhere in own home. Due to wireless STB we can move STB with TV in home anywhere & can see TV easily in the room.

wifi stb

                                                        Wireless STB       


Working of wireless STB

Before you setup wireless STB you need to find your RG (Residential Gateway) Device. Then connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Residential Getaway device in Ethernet port & other end of Ethernet cable connect to your video access point device or wireless access point device. Then connect the video access point to the power port & plug in so device LED glow green, now you power on.  The STB connects to your HDMITV via HDMI cable. If you do not have HDMI TV, you may need to component composite cable or may other cable instant of HDMI cable.

Now Plug-in STB & TV to the power port. Now start HDMI TV if you are using HDMI cable then select the appropriate TV input for the STB as HDMI-1 or HDMI-2.  After we follow some instruction we can pairing the STB to the video access point device. When we press OK button on the STB after that within two minutes press WPS button on the video access point device than it automatically makes a wireless secure connection between a video access point device and wireless STB. When we connect these two wireless devices then a conformation & successful notification we can see on the TV screen.

If signal strength is good then wireless STB show us solid green Wi-Fi signal, sometime STB shows Red Wi-Fi signal , it means that signal strength is weak between the video access point device and the wireless STB so we should put wireless STB within video access point device Wi-Fi signal range. When STB get good signal strength then booting is started and we can see on TV screen. After completion of booting time we can see TV programs on the TV screen.

stb back panel

                                                    STB Back Panel 

 Wireless STB Ports

  1. HDMI port
  2. Ethernet port
  3. USB port
  4. TV Input & TV Output port
  5. Audio/video ports
  6. Optical wire port
  7. Power plug port etc. 


Video access point (VAP)

video access point

         Front View VAP 

Video access point is used to connect Residential Gateway via Ethernet cable & it is connected wirelessly to the wireless STB. 


  1. Power LED

Indicates WAP power is ON.

  1. Wi-Fi LED

Indicates Wi-Fi network connected. 

  1. WPS LED

Indicates WPS is working proper. 

  1. WPS Button

Wi-Fi security Setup allows you to connect the wireless network without a key.  

 video access point rear

                                                                   Rear View VAP 

  1. Reset Button

Press reset button and hold 5 second to reset VAP & can reconnect properly.

  1. Ethernet port

VAP have 100 Mbps Ethernet Port. One side of Ethernet port connects to the Residential Gateway and other side of Ethernet cable connects to the VAP port.

  1. Power

DC power adapter connects to VAP.

  1. VAP ON/OFF switch

This is simply power off and power on switch for VAP.