STB Testing

STB Testing

STB Testing is done to test the situation of the stb it is working fine or not if its not then we sends the stb into the stb test lab where different ways are used to test the stb.


Following factors are responsible for STB Testing

  • System boot up time testing

System boot up time check how much time taken by STB to Start-up.

  • Video/Audio signals Quality Testing

In this process we need to check the audio and video quality of the stb it is good or bad it many be bad due to physical damage to stb or due to low signal level in the stb.

  • STB signal noise testing

Due to weak signals noise is generated. When fault causes in the STB (SET TOP BOX) equipment makes noise in TV Channels signals. Sometime due to loose connections of wires to the system produce noise in the signals etc.

  • Audio/video bit rat of stream is testing

In this process we check the audio video bit rate of the stb is ok or not if its not then we need to balance it so that stb work fine otherwise due to bit rate many problems can occure in the stb performance.

  • Signal strength testing

Sometime antenna disturbance make the signal strength weak. We need to postion the antenna in the right direction to get proper signal streangth. Signal strength of STB should be 40 or more but not more than the 60 it makes the disturbances in the STB Services and can harm the STB too.

  • Web browsing testing

In this process we check the browsing speed of stb it is ok or not if not then we need to make it ok.

  • EPG (electronic programme guide) testing:

EPG is the control centre for the STB. EPG is the menu bar of the STB. EPG show channels list on the TV screen.

Normally EPG function takes to load channels near about 10 seconds but if EPG function is not properly working then channels load times may be more than 10 seconds.

  • Audio Devices Testing

Audio devices properly connected or not check. Sometime due to other electric wires which around the audio wires may cause interference the audio signal strength & audio disturbance may be cause by the loose wires connection etc.

  • Video devices testing

Sometime due to loose wire make video disturb and may be other wires are making electromagnetic interference to video signals etc.

  • PIP (Picture in Picture) functional testing

PIP is showing us two programs or videos side by side on the Screen. One program sound send to the speaker & other program sound send to the head phone. Thus both programs sound may listen at a time.

  • Programming Testing

Due to programming errors the STB software not properly working may cause error in channels list to display etc. We need to remove the bugs from the program so that stb can work better.

  • Performance

Working of STB & its response is tested. We check the speed for navigating the EPG in the stb.

If we occur a problem from navigating the epg then there may be some hardware problem or software problem.

  • Stability test

In this process we need to check weather it is stable or not.

  • Software testing

Software testing is very important part of stb testing in this process we check the softwawre is working fine in the stb or not. If its not working fine then we need to force download the software in the stb.

Sometimes software of the stb is in old version. We need to update the latest version of the stb software so that stb will work properly.

In updated version of software we removes the bugs from the stb so it makes the performance of stb more better than the earlier.

  • Stress testing

As its name indicate we need to check the stress. 

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port interference testing

HDMI port used to see high picture quality in HD (High definition). HDMI take input audio/video. HDMI transfer compressed video signals & uncompressed or compressed audio signals output to our TV or system. Sometime Due to interference makes the picture quality dull. 

  • Ethernet Network device testing

In this process we need to check the Ethernet port / card.

  • Ghost picture testing

Sometime pictures overlapping problem find in the stb so this problem may cause due to weak signal strength or due to interference. Two channels bandwidth interface to each other due to weak signal strength may remove by testing. 

  • Bluetooth function testing

In this process bluetooth function of the STB is tested

  • USB port testing

We need to check the USB port is working fine or not if its not working fine then it may be hardware or software issue and this problem may be removed by the re downloading or force downloading the software in the STB.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity testing

Due to weak signal of Wi-Fi may cause error and can be removed by testing. 

  • Upstream & downstream signals testing

Transmitting & receiving signal strength & data bit rates are tested. Single stability is  tested.

  • Conformation Testing

We verify that a device is now properly working properly according to given instructions.

If any mistake found then test it and solved properly.

  • STB LED Display testing

Sometime set top box display LED gets faulty & it causes problem to guess STB Power plug is ON or OFF. It may remove by testing the STB.

This led testing is necessary for that conditions in which we need to download the software and need to check that weather software is downloading in the stb or not in real time. If the software is dwonlaoding in the stb then led will blink otherwise not.

  • STB Regression Testing

Sometimes our STB systems software gets slow & consumes more memory, working slowly, gets more loading time. There may be incorrect version control. Code is not updated according to the component changes etc.

  • Middleware testing 

In this  pocess middleware of stb is tested. Many factors are responsible for it. 

  • Integration Testing

Interaction between components is unites & interaction with other systems. Other system means operating systems, hardware systems etc.

  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services & server connection testing

In this process we test the video internet server is properly working or not & its services working or not if any problem found than it removes.