STB Online

STB  online

STB or SET TOP BOX online is the technology from which we can connect to the internet via Ethernet cable & can play online TV. STB (SET TOP BOX) online gives us a good facility & many quotes to surfing the internet. From STB online system we can enjoy like a computer. STB or SET TOP BOX online provides us facility of entertainment because we can see TV online & can do work etc. In SET TOP BOX online we have many android applications like Ebay , Filpkart ,MS Office , Amazon , Google Play Store , games application etc. By using STB online we can easily access internet & . We can see HD or High Definition picture quality on TV (Television).

Thus STB online connection gives us many facilities like we can access the internet via Ethernet cable by connecting it to SET TOP BOX’s Ethernet port.


Working of STB online

when the program is recorded in studio that program is send in the space from the transmitter antenna this program signals is received by the satellite or transponder into the space. That signal sends back to the earth by the satellite or transponder  to our local cable TV (Television) operator antenna or dish and after decoding and encoding process we receives this signal in STB and we watch the TV (Television).

When we access the internet all the programs data are loaded into the internet server & by using internet connection we can see all the programs by using STB online connection to the internet.


STB online Applications

Now a days more STB’s are using in  home because STB design is compact, installation is easy & less wire required. We can access the internet by using browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) & application, STB (SET TOP BOX) is android base operating system with the latest android operating system so that it become us up-to-date by introducing us a new android operating technology etc.

These are the STB online applications. STB gives us high definition picture quality with 800 or more   digital channels which we can see by using STB online