What Is STB


STB is a hardware device which provide digital signal in Cable TV (Television). This signal may be Media Signals or Internet Signals etc. Device receive signal by the receiving antenna & decode or display on Cable TV (television) in the digital format.

SET TOP BOX or STU (SET TOP UNIT) used for display digital TV channels on your cable television screen. It is like a TV tuner box or hardware device. It can display digital quality in HD, FULL HD, 4k, 8k etc.  It is light weight & easy to setup. It is connected via coaxial cable & other output of setup box is composite which is connected to TV (Television). It decodes or display on Cable TV (Television) services like tv channels , radio services and gaming.


It provides us digital channels. Device is easy transport. It may be anywhere able to setup.



Features of STB (SET TOP BOX):-

  1. It has FM & Radio features.
  2. Many entertainment & news channels may be 800 or more channels.
  3. Recording features we can see any program in free time with recording function in STB (SET TOP BOX).
  4. STB has audio setting.
  5. STB has video setting.
  6. STB has restore functions
  7. STB we can store favorite channels.
  8. STB provides facility of pay per view.
  9. In some STB (SET-TOP-BOX). We may attach pen drive.
  10. We can set timing (set top box) for favorite channels.
  11. There many offers come on occasion.
  12. It has prepaid coupons as prepaid mobile coupons can do easily recharge. There is also recharge for 1day uses.


Things are provided with STB:-

  1. SET-TOP-BOX Guide
  2. setup box Remote
  3. One Receiver antenna.
  4. Power adaptor for STB (SET TO BOX).
  5. HDMI cable to see HD (High Definition), FULL HD 4K 8K etc. in the cable TV (Television)
  6. Audio video cables.


Advantage & disadvantage of Set TOP BOX


  1. It is easy to install
  2. Light weight
  3. It is not so costly to purchase
  4. STU (SET TOP UNIT) is easy to transport.


  1. Its paid channel is costly rather than cable dish channel.
  2. Its channel in raining time gets disturb.


STB capability

STB is easy to setup. STB is easy to transport. STB has picture quality (HD, Full HD, 4K, 8K etc.) with 800 or more digital channels can see. STB have Ethernet facility by connecting internet we can see any picture on the internet. We can surfing the internet & can connect to Smart phone can play YouTube, & browsers Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. it have recording TV (Television) program capability in Pen Drive or Card Reader etc. in free time we can see recorded TV(Television) program. Thus we can say that STB have many facilities with many functions.


STB ports

Ethernet, USB, VGA, HDMI, E-SATA, Audio, RC-IN,RC-OUT,RF-IN etc.


STB have two types of connections

High Definition:

  • HDMI
  • Component

This is use for high picture quality connections

Standard Definition:

  • A/V (Audio/Video composite)