Residential Gateway

What is Residential Gateway?

Residential Gateway (RG) is a  home networking device which is used for internet fancily at home to connect all devices to the internet or Other Wide area network (network).

RG gateway allows the connection to the local area network to the wide area network (WAN). WAN is large computer network & internet network such as it provides internet connectivity at our home to DSL, mobile devices, cable modem, and a broadband mobile phone network, Video access point device or other devices etc.

We can access to the Residential Gateway by using username & password.

RG is user friendly, having less interfacing capability with more powerful functions, and RG also have many more facility with multiple services. Residential Gateway provides us QoS (quality of services).

Large number of the gateways are used by the telecommunication due to multiple services. It may use optical fibres cable for fast audio/video signal transmission with faster services.

RG also used in transmission data at the STB or Setup Box and can see TV programs at Television screen.

RG also provide handshake protocol.

Residential Gateway

                                                                Residential Gateway


Working of Residential Gateway

Power LED

If indicator led is not glowing it means device is power off?

Power LED solid green

Means the Gateway is turned ON.

Power LED flashing Red

Means the unit is running through a self-test.


Power LED Solid Red

Means the RG get some problem in functions & RG can’t boot up etc.

Residential Gateway

                                                                               Residential gateway


Ethernet LED

If the Ethernet LED is not glowing means no devices are connected at Ethernet port.

Ethernet LED flashing Green

It means Ethernet port is connected by a Ethernet cable and receiving data & information.

Ethernet LED solid Green

It mean RG device is stabilise to get & transfer the data through the link. 

Wireless LED solid green

It means the device which we are using is properly connected to the RG (Residential Gateway)

Wireless LED flashing green

It means device is receiving traffic data.

Wireless LED OFF

It means no devices are connected to the wireless port or no any data is receiving by the devices.


Phone1 and Phone2 LED solid Green

It mean now GA phone line is ready to make calls.

Phone1 and Phone2 LED flashing green

It means the telephone line off the hook.

Phone1 and Phone2 LED Off

It means RG can’t make a call & phone line is not attached.


Broadband LED flashing Red

It means device is searching but still did not detected another device’s signal.

Now device is unable to establish a connection further three minutes.

Broadband LED solid Red

It means light is not glowing , it has give up searching for a signal.

Broadband LED flashing Green

It means GA is trying to connect our network.

Broadband LED solid Green

It means GA has been connected to the network. 


Service LED light off

It means devices are not getting the power and we need to power on the gateway.

Device is not getting broadband signal or connection.

May be device has stopped trying to activate on the network.

Service LED flashing Green

It means device is attempting to get network signals

Service LED solid green

It means an IP connection has been made.

Service LED solid red

It means device is not getting IP address form the network.

If there is any problem still showing then we can restart the device again.

Residential Gateway device

                                                      Rear side of Residential Gateway


Rear side of Residential Gateway ports

  1. 4 Ethernet ports
  2. 2 Phone ports
  3. Power plug port
  4. USB Port etc.