Hybrid STB

What is Hybrid (IPTV+DVB-S/S2) STB (SET TOP BOX)

Hybrid mean combination or to combined.

Hybrid STB is combination of two features:-

  1. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).
  2. DVB-S/S2 Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite – Second Generation(DVB-S2).


Hybrid STB

Hybrid (IPTV+DVB-S/S2) STB (SET TOP BOX) gives HD (High Definition) picture quality.

We can see 800 or more channels in HD picture quality by using Hybrid STB.

In Hybrid STB or SETUP BOX we can access the internet by using Ethernet cable & Ethernet cable is connect to Hybrid STB port.

We can see multiple channels at a time may be 15 or more channels.

We can access the internet by using Hybrid STB and can surf by using internet browser.

We can connect smart phone to the Hybrid STB by using internet and can see online TV by using internet connection without downloading.

We can connect the SD card or USB (Universal Serial Bus) PEN Drive to the Hybrid STB and can record or save our favorite video songs, movies or images & also can see movies, videos & images by connect SD card or USB PEN Drive.

We can see YouTube videos or movies in our TV (television) by using internet connections.

We can surf the internet and can open the Google Search engine, yahoo search engine etc. and can listen & download the movies, songs, mp3 etc.

We can also play online games.

We can change the TV channels by using smartphone. In the mobile phone we download the mobile application. Then we can connect our smart phone by accessing IP address to our hybrid STB. In the smart phone we can see all channels list. By using channel list we can change the TV channels as we want to see without using Hybrid STB remote. So we can control & changes all TV channels by using a smart phone.

hybrid stb

                                    Hybrid (IPTV+DVB-S/S2) STB (SET TOP BOX)


Hybrid STB Features

My favourites

There are entertainment channels movies and music, kids, news, sports, GK and Travel, Devotional & all channels. Thus all the channels are divided according to categories for us.


Genre, Language setting, All Channels, Catch-up TV & TV Guide.

Video on demand

There is searching features to search a favorite video on demand. Other features are the Most Recent, Most Viewed, Top Favorites, Top Rated & can also select country etc.

My collection

All Favorite videos can collect.

Feature demo

By using Feature demo’s option we can learn working of Hybrid STB (SET TOP BOX) functions etc.


There is USB (universal serial bus) port option. Help option, Network option, Network speed test options, ACT interactive TV (Television) Account option, Legal option, Upgrade Software, Factory Defaults & product setting etc.


Hybrid STB Ports

  1. DVB-S In port
  2. Ethernet port
  3. USB() port
  4. AUDIO port
  5. VIDEO port
  6. S-Video
  7. HDMI etc.



  • Hybrid (IPTV + DVB-S/S2) STB (SET TOP BOX) can be operate by the smart phones & can see photos, videos & movies etc. We can play YouTube & can run browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • Hybrid (IPTV + DVB-S/S2 have USB port & memory card slot.
  • We can play 2D & 3D games.
  • There in Hybrid (IPTV + DVB-S/S2) STB (SET TOP BOX) app installer features.
  • Media player Feature.
  • Hybrid (IPTV + DVB-S/S2) STB works like an android smart phones we may run android applications from Google play store.