Hdmi STB


In the cable industry there was the analog channels then the industry revolved and move towards to provide Digital Channels via the STB or set up box. These set up box provides the standard definition output or digital channels which gives good quality videos experience than the analog channels.

Now when the digital channels start then cable providers started to provide there channel via the SD STB. But as the technology is growing there is now need of better picture experience then STB companies decided to make HDMI STB or HD STB.

Hdmi STB stands for High Definition Media Interface Setup box. Basic meaning of hdmi stb is that the setup box having the hdmi facility is called the hdmi stb in other words a stb that is compatible to hdmi is called the hdmi stb.

Early days there was the SD STB or standard definition STB but as the cable industry is growing rapidly hdmi compatible set up box is coming. This STB can also be called as next version of SD STB.

Even now a days 4k stb is also available in the market. Which gives better picture experience.


                                                          HDMI STB


Types of STB

There are three types of STB is available in the market,

  • SD STB
  • 4K STB



As we discussed above a STB that is compatible to HDMI output is called the HDMI STB

HDMI STB is also called as STB HD or HD STB.

Hdmi STB is compatible to give high definition video to tv or HD output.

HDMI STB gives two type output,

(1) 720 Pixel (HD Ready)

(2) 1080 Pixel (Full HD)


(1) 720 Pixel

This is simple HD output gives better picture experience than the SD STB or Standard Definition STB.

720 pixel is also called the HD ready or can be also called as semi HD or Half HD. HDMI STB provides the HD ready output via the HDMI cable connect to HDMI STB one side and other side is connected to Television.


(2) 1080 Pixel

HDMI STB is also compatible to give Full HD output via the HDMI Cable. Full HD out is 1080 pixel which is approximately double the half hd or hd ready.

This 1080p video gives better picture experience than the 720p. This is called the Full HD.


Thus Hdmi STB gives high definition output that is full HD. Now it depends on the subscriber weather he uses the 720 pixel video quality or 1080 pixel video quality that depend on the TV weather it is HD Ready or Full HD support.

HDMI is the cable is used to connect the HDMI STB.


                                                                       HDMI STB CABLE

Now a days in the market 4K STB is also available and 4K STB is growing rapidly. 4K STB were made give the better picture experience to the subscriber who are using the 4K television. Tata Sky have launched the 4K STB also known as UHD STB or Ultra High Definition STB.