What is 4k Set top box

  • 4K STB means that a 4k STB which provide us to see vision of pictures quality is much better than 2K STB, or FULL HD SET TOP BOX. In other words 4K STB provides the 4K resolution output through the HDMI port only if your STB is receiving the 4K resolution content from your cable operator.
  • As mentioned above to see 4k pictures quality we should have 4k signal. This 4K signal cable is connect to the 4k STB (SET TOP BOX) and this 4K STB is connect to the 4K TV via HDMI cable thus we can see the 4k picture quality on the 4K TV display screen.
  • 4k technology has 3840*2160p or 8.3 MILLION PIXLS, compared to the FULL HD technology 1920*1080p or 2.3 MILLION PIXELS is 4 times multiple.

4k stb

                                         TATA SKY 4K STB (SET TOP BOX) ULTRA HD

  • 4K STB is upper version of the STB HD, STB FULL HD because of its picture quality.
  • 4K STB is the ULTRA High Definition (3840*2160p) technology.
  • 2K STB is the FULL HD (1920*1080p) technology.
  • 4k technology has 8.3 million pixels rather than FULL HD, which have 2.3 million pixels means more pixels have much better pictures quality.

4k set top box

                                                       Videocon d2h 4k Set top Box

  • Our TV’s (Television’s) or Monitor etc. display screen are made of some small pixels if the TV or Monitors etc. have more small pixels display screen then it give us a better picture quality. So for the better pictures quality of 4K television display screen should be 3840*2160 pixels or 4K Display.
  • By using 4k STB in our cable TV (Television) we can see crystal clear pictures quality at any angles and sharper pitcher quality.
  • Now 4k SET TOP BOX also comes in android operating systems based on Ethernet port. This 4k STB is connected to 4K TV via a HDMI cable.

android 4k stb

                                     Amazon Android base 4K STB (SET TOP BOX) ULTRA 

  • In the Android base 4k STB we can play android games application in 4K resolution and can play any applications, audio, videos music and movies etc. By using Ethernet cable to connect internet server we can surfing internet by using android browsers Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • Some STB provide us pay per view service use recharge coupons means only those channels we can see for which we are paying while remove unwanted channels or unpaid channels. Thus pay per view recharge coupons save our money.
  • 4K technology has more colourful pictures quality which makes the vision of Television very interesting and more delightful or dictionary free.


4k STB ports

  1. HDMI cable port
  2. Ethernet port
  3. Reset button
  4. audio video cable port
  5. Power plug port etc.


4K STB Providers

Tata Sky

Videocon D2H